Want to Dramatically Reduce Your Waist & Belly Fat In the Next 3-6 Weeks?

No Pills, No Gym or Special Equipment Needed...

Let’s face it. That extra weight around your mid-section… makes you feel annoyed and miserable!

Tell me - Do any of these sound like you?

  • You hate looking in the mirror and seeing that extra flab
  • Your pants are too tight or you’ve moved up a size or two
  • You’re self-conscious about your significant other seeing your fat mid-section
  • You’ve tried fad diets, pills, and exercise


I feel your pain because I’ve been there!

I tried it all. The pills – the powder – even the dreaded girdle when it got too much to handle.

Rest easy, my friend.

You’re about to benefit from all of the money I spent, the wasted products I’ve tried, and the anguish I felt for years BEFORE I discovered the secret.

And it’s not rocket science.

You don’t have to spend your time and money on waist products that should be called “WASTE” products – because they waste your time and money but do nothing for you!

So please. Stop whatever it is you’re doing that’s not working and stick with me here for a few minutes as I explain it all.

Who am I and why should you listen to me?

My name is Viky.

And I'm a part of the team of fitness experts behind Femniqe.

One of the fastest-growing authorities on fitness and nutrition for women.

We’ve spent more than a year researching, testing, and perfecting the only waist training program that strategically combines the power of the 3 key activities that lead to a tiny waist:

  1. Core activation,
  2. Stomach Vacuums, and
  3. High Intensity Interval Workouts.

In this letter, you're going to discover how a long-forgotten waist slimming technique can help you lose up to 3 to 4 inches of stubborn fat from your waistline in just a few short weeks!

All without going on a starvation diet or having to cut out your favorite foods!

Old School is New Again

The Tiny Waist Factor system is the secret weapon of old school fitness stars that can help you get the smallest midsection possible!

The secret to losing inches off your waistline – Is really not a secret at all.

BUT – There is a routine that you’ve got to follow to get the results we’ve gotten once we perfected it.

So Please!

You must read through to the end of this short letter as we explain it.

Make that one small promise to yourself - RIGHT NOW!


You can decide that the program is not right for you even though we’ve got reams of data that show it’s about the only thing that CONSISTENTLY works to trim belly-fat.

And – It is THE technique that top models and actresses use - religiously.

The funny thing is that most of them are so protective of their looks and images that they guard this secret as they do with other beauty secrets - with their lives!

"Early in 2017 I decided it's time to get rid of my belly pooch, sadly I got nowhere. For months, I scoured YouTube and tried various diets and exercises that toned every area EXCEPT my waistline.

Somehow I ended on your channel and decided to try the Tiny Waist Factor which was literally the only program that worked."

Tina – Port St. Lucie, FL


You’re about to learn the keys to building a supremely strong core and a narrow waistline.

And how you can use these keys to jump-start you on the way to melting stubborn waist and belly fat.

What I'm going to share with you will finally allow you to look in the mirror and smile when you see your fabulous mid-section!

Other Benefits of using the Tiny Waist Factor system:

  • Knock up to 3-4 inches off of your waistline,
  • Build a rock-solid sexy posture,
  • Rocket-boost your confidence,
  • Kill protruding stomach fat,
  • For a flatter tummy,
  • Feeling Damn Good About Yourself!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is NOT a physical book or DVD. It's a digital ebook(PDF) that can be downloaded to your computer or smart phone. No Refunds will be given for mistaking this for a physical book or DVD. 

Engage and Re-engage

As we worked with Trainers and Physical Therapists in developing the Tiny Waist Factor system, one thing became clear...

We were ‘engaging and re-engaging’ muscles that for most of us had become dormant.

More about this later…

But I'm not just going to share the secret approach for a tiny tummy, I’m also going to share with you The BIGGEST MISTAKES that can add inches to your waistline.

Let’s face it!

Most of us just want to have a flat belly with a small defined waistline.

Not big protruding abs that some exercises can lead to and can cause your stomach to look big and bulky!

And Tiny Waist Factor is a blueprint that you can use for the rest of your life.

Once you get the results you want, keeping up with it is as natural and easy as brushing your teeth!

FINALLY – You’ll have complete control over the appearance and definition of your whole midsection.

I understand if you're skeptical.

So was I.

There are so many FAD diets and programs promising you Magical results overnight that deliver nothing.

Leaving you disappointed and frustrated.

The difference is that the Tiny Waist Factor system has been tested extensively with repeated results that have now stood the test of time and will continue to do so.

Before we get started, let's talk about the one BIG mistake - You should never make...

If you're trying to lose inches off your waist and get a flat belly, DO NOT do weighted ab training!

If you're a woman looking to get a sexy small waistline, doing weighted ab training is about the worst thing you can do...

You should avoid that like the plague...


Using weights with progressive overload will, without fail, build bigger abs and thicker oblique’s setting you back - big time.

Especially, if you have an excess layer of belly fat on top of those big ab muscles.

The second, progress-killing mistake is not activating your core muscles properly.

The reality is, most traditional workouts will not activate your core muscles.

In fact, if you don’t engage your core muscles correctly - Your results will be little to nothing.

If these muscles aren't activated properly, you’ll never have a slim and sculpted waist no matter how many crunches you do.

This is why a lot of women give up - And it isn't your fault, don't blame yourself...

Blame the tabloids, the media, TV Commercials, and "Fitness" Magazines.

There's so much bad information out there that it can be frustrating trying to find what actually works.

"I’ll never forget buying a piece of equipment that promised to “Give you the flattest belly possible!” What it ended up giving me was a pulled muscle that I had to limp to the ER with!

Since starting TWF I can literally see and feel the changes in my whole waistline. Plus, I love how the program doesn't overwhelm you!

Thank you guys! XOXOXOX"

Charlotte S. – Kingston, TN

The issue is that most women don't have any idea how to train their midsection properly.

You have to work the right muscles. If you can engage those core muscles the right way, You'll be able to shrink your waist line and lose belly fat at a much faster rate.

Working your abs and oblique’s the wrong way - Will give you the wrong results.

Deep Abdominal Muscles

The Holy Grail of muscle groups you need to work in order to get a flat mid-section and that definitely HAVE to be activated and worked are …

The deep abdominal muscles.

Whenever these muscles are turned off and dormant (as most women’s are) the chances are good that you'll have a protruding belly - And a wide waistline - No matter how lean you get.

So how do you activate your deep abdominal muscles to quickly flatten and trim inches off your waist?

You need to include specificcore activator sequences to wake up those deep muscles.

That's why core activation is a key component of the Tiny Waist Factor system.

When core activation happens your midsection becomes a synchronized fat-burning oven.

Slimming your waistline at a faster rate.

This is the powerful waist slimming technique that you can use IMMEDIATELY to start shrinking your waistline and burn belly fat faster.

But, be careful!!!

Even though this technique will help narrow your waistline, you have to apply it correctly for the best results.

And the Tiny Waist Factor system covers it all in detail.

If you include this simple technique in your workouts correctly, it WILL help to shrink your midsection in just a few weeks!

By adding this technique as part of our specific workout routine along with an optimized diet, you WILL see a noticeable reduction in the size of your waist.

The exercise:

The stomach vacuum.


This isn’t a liposuction technique!

The stomach vacuum was widely used in the “olden” days by some of the most successful old-school bodybuilders! And unfortunately, it has become “the forgotten tiny waist exercise”.

Why does it work so well?

It hits the the REAL INNER ABDOMINALS called the transversus abdominis and lumbar multifidus.

These muscles lie beneath the rectus abdominis and the external oblique’s - AKA the “6-pack”.

By building a stronger inner abdominal wall, you can create a tighter and smaller midsection.

It’s one of the best exercises you can do to shrink your waistline - In a very short amount of time.

And the Tiny Waist Factor system shows you step-by-step how to take advantage of it to get the smallest waist possible.

You’ll knock inches off your midsection with this technique when combined with short workout sessions.

And that’s it!

Simple – (As long as you know the proper way to do the exercises, how often, and when!)

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is NOT a physical book or DVD. It's a digital ebook(PDF) that can be downloaded to your computer or smart phone. No Refunds will be given for mistaking this for a physical book or DVD. 

Let me recap what you’ll get with Tiny Waist Factor.

This system will...

  • Help you knock up to 3-4 inches off your waistline…
  • Build a rock-solid sexy posture that amplifies confidence…
  • Melt protruding stomach fat for a flatter midsection…
  • Give you an increase in overall body performance...

Let’s breakdown what you’ll receive.

The Tiny Waist Factor System includes:

1. A 6 week training workout plan that...

a. Simplifies core activation, stomach vacuum, ab/waist and HIIT workouts.

b. Strategically designed for fast results!

c. In as little as 20 minute sessions just 3 times a week.

2. The Flexible Tiny Waist Diet to supercharge your results...

a. With budget-friendly meals from Monday-Sunday.

b. No complicated fancy recipes!

c. You will know how to have cheat meals.

d. And still get a small waist and shred stubborn belly fat.

Workout videos that show you how to perform specific waist sculpting moves.

You won’t be bored with tons of pages upon pages with scientific words about things you already know.

Just an easy to follow action plan that you use right away!

The results come pretty fast too.

In fact, many Tiny Waist Factor users have reported that they have trimmed several inches - In less than a few weeks!

And how easy the system was to implement from Day 1!

Some of the world’s top super models and athletes are charged up to $1,500 per hour by their personal trainers for these super powerful waist trimming and belly flattening techniques.

But today...

You’re getting this easy-to-follow program...

For an absolute steal!

Because I don’t want price to stand in your way of losing up to 3 to 4 inches of waist fat in the next few weeks.

We could easily charge $197 for this system.

Heck, we spent tens of thousands of dollars researching, testing, and perfecting the system.

But we want it to be in the hands of as many women and men as possible.

We’ve even seen programs (that don’t work), sell for 10 times as much - as your waistline continues to grow!

Your ‘No Risk’ Offer

You now have the opportunity to join a community of thousands of Tiny Waist Factor champions, just like you, who have already started on their journey to strip away stubborn belly fat.

And soon enough, like them, you’ll be able to share the sexiest beach-ready waistline and flat stomach with the world!

While we guarantee a full money back refund if you’re not happy with this powerful program, there is one small risk worth mentioning…

This is a limited time offer.

We can’t continue to sell the Tiny Waist Factor program at the rock-bottom sale price we’re selling it at and we’re planning to move the cost back to the regular selling price soon.

While we’re so happy that Tiny Waist Factor has been a smashing success and our community of TWF Champions has exploded.

When the price returns to its normal selling price, we aren’t sure if we’ll be able to put it back on sale.

So if you’re thinking at all of ordering, I encourage you to do so now.

We know that if we simply keep the price of the program escalated, we’d make more money. But that’s not what we’re about.

Try the Tiny Waist Factor system for yourself for a full 60 days and if you're not satisfied with the results, we’ll refund every penny that you spend on it.

No questions, No hassle!

We’re that confident that if you use the program the way it’s been designed, you’ll get the results you’re looking for.

“Don’t Let Price be an Obstacle…”

Let me be frank with you for a minute. Developing the Tiny Waist Factor program was VERY EXPENSIVE!

Think about all of the research we had to do to determine what really works.

Following the research, we had to prove what we found.

Not only did I personally work on that, we had other people involved in training and more importantly; we had to hire professionals to closely follow what we were doing and validate the results as we went through the early stages of the program.

And as smart and talented as (we think) we are, we didn’t always get things right the first time.

There were lots of trials and errors – and all of that comes at a cost.

But my main goal has always been and will continue to be to get this fantastic program into the hands of as many people as possible.

In order to do that, I needed to make sure the program was affordable - for you.

So the price is not $197, though for the results you’ll get – I think it’s worth at least that.

This program is an absolute steal at $97. (It’s less than that too – but hear me out…)

Think about what $97 will get you today:

  • A meal for two at a fine dining establishment
  • A single ticket to a professional sporting event (maybe)
  • One new tire! for your car
  • And much more! (or less)

But we decided to offer you this great program for just one payment of only $47! (As I said, this is for a limited time only!)

With your payment, you’ll get immediate access to everything! The whole Tiny Waist Factor system…

Don’t wait...

You’ve struggled to lose inches off your waistline for far too long!

All of those struggles can change the moment you get and start to apply the Tiny Waist Factor system.

And it’s not just what you think about your image...

Think of how shocked your friends and family will be when you post that picture of the ‘New You’ online.

The likes, the comments and reaction to your new fabulous look…

Remember the truth:

The excess fat around your waistline up until today, has largely been no fault of your own if you’ve tried other things to reduce it.

  • You’ve been lied to by all of the quick fix pills and magic potions, the unrealistic FAD diets that are here today and gone tomorrow.


Don’t miss this chance to turn it around once and for all with a program that just works!

Take the necessary action...

This plan is designed for your success!

Try it first for 60 full days and see the results you desire...

Plus, you get instant access as well to our friendly support staff who are experts in the Tiny Waist Factor system.

Click on the link below that says "Get Tiny Now!" to claim your discounted price while it’s still available – A single payment of only $47!

You'll be granted immediate access to the entire Tiny Waist factor system.

P.S. – If you get the Tiny Waist Factor now, we’ll throw in a bonus! You can get an additional 22 Waist-Shrinking Juice Recipes at NO extra charge.

These special juices that was created by a licensed dietitian in concert with the other specialists on the Tiny Waist Factor development team.

I wish you all the best on your journey to Tiny Waist Factor Success!




What is Tiny Waist Factor exactly?

Tiny Waist Factor is a 6-week, step-by-step waist-specific training program that is guaranteed to help you lose inches off of your waistline.

Using our no fuss, fool-proof guide, we’ll help you unlock your true body potential and get the sexiest waistline you’ve ever had.

What Makes the Tiny Waist Factor different from other programs?

TWF is built with a unique formulation of workouts strategically combining the power of core activation, ab/waist sequences, HIIT/Cardio and Stomach Vacuums.

This combination accelerates fat loss, improves fitness and rapidly strengthens and narrows your midsection.

It’s the most comprehensive and effective waist trimming program on the market today.

Who created this program? 

TWF was created by the same team of fitness experts who bring you FemniqeOne of the fastest growing fitness and nutrition brands made by women for women.  

How many workouts are there?

Over the course of 6 weeks, you get 54 workouts to keep the sessions fresh, challenging, and effective!

The rotation in exercises activates all of the key TWF muscles driving total body fat burn.

What do I need for each workout?

Tiny Waist Factor is challenging but the workouts can be done anytime, anywhere.

All you need is room to exercise, water for hydration, a killer playlist, timer and you're good to go!

How many times a week should I work out?

20 - 30 minutes, 3 times a week is all you need to see results. 

As you move through the program, the exercises increase in intensity and complexity as your fitness level improves and your midsection becomes smaller and toned.

After completing the program, you’ll be in the best shape of your life!

How long does it take to start seeing results?

Due to the differences between each individual's body, the results experienced may vary.

However, Tiny Waist Factor is expertly designed to help you start seeing real changes in as little as 2 - 3 weeks.

At the end of the 6-week program, you should feel stronger, leaner and most of all you’ll smile at your smaller waistline.

Is there a meal plan? What does it consist of?

Yes! There is a list of recommended foods as well as a meal plan.

The meal plan will tell you what type of food you should eat and how much to eat every day that you are on the Challenge.

The recommended foods include lean protein, low-carb, vegetables, and a few complex carbohydrates.

Is it a complex diet?

Absolutely not.  A meal plan doesn’t need to be complex.

It’s a simple Monday through Friday meal plan designed to help you enter a calorie deficit without starving or being hungry.

You won’t need to be a chef to prepare these meals.

A simple and efficient meal plan is what produces the best results.

Can I use this diet as a vegan or vegetarian?

The diet is a very high-protein diet, and is not really suited for vegans.  

That being said, If you are a vegetarian, you will have the following high-protein sources to choose from: Tofu, Greek yogurt, plant-based protein powder, and eggs (if you eat them). The required protein is up to 100 grams/day, so you will need to eat at least 2 - 3 of the sources listed above to make this plan work for you. 

You can use our Free 7 day vegan weight loss meal plan => Here

Do I need to go to the gym?

The Tiny Waist Factor is designed for busy women, to achieve optimal results in the shortest amount of time.

The workouts can be done in the backyard, in your bedroom or anywhere you have a spare 20 - 30 minutes.

Is the Tiny Waist Factor available in print & DVD formats?

This is NOT a DVD or physical book. It's a digital ebook(PDF) that can be downloaded to your computer or smart phone. No Refunds will be given for
mistaking this for a physical book or DVD.

Great! So how do I get started with the Tiny Waist Factor?
Just click the add to cart button and you'll get the product instantly. 

You can make a payment via Paypal or your Credit Card, and Debit Card and the guide will be in your hands in less than 2 minutes after payment.

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